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Sitting Is The New Smoking

Sitting Is The New Smoking… Sitting can have far reaching implications into aspects of your health that may surprise you including: cardiovascular & respiratory health, gastrointestinal health, fall injury risk, increased risk of cancer, psychological health, and as broad as “all-cause mortality”. Think that is a bit of an exaggeration? Keep reading! Sitting is a […]

Chiropractic and Athletic Performance

Over the past couple of decades, a mountain of research is showing how Chiropractic care improves athletic performance. Chiropractic makes athletes more efficient and heal from injury faster. From football teams to professional body builders, more and more athletes are turning to Chiropractors to be at the top of their game. Why? In competitive sports […]

We Are Our Habits

We’ve all heard the old adage, “We are what we eat”. Well, I would go a step further and say “We are our habits”. Everybody has habits: some good, some bad. Those general routines, patterns, and vices that make up our daily and weekly lives end up building our lifestyles. Take diet for example. Most […]