Equipment and Supplies

Rehab Equipment

At Reactivate Chiropractic & Rehab in Tulsa, it is our intention to be as cost efficient as possible. If you have been prescribed rehab by our chiropractor, you may need some common equipment & supplies to do your physical therapy at home. These items can be found at a local retailer or purchased from our clinic. In cases when more specialized equipment is necessary, we can either direct you to sources where you may purchase these, or we may be able to order these items for you at a better price.

Rehab Equipment Includes:

  • Home rehab equipment that allows you to mobilize, stretch, and strengthen your body when you are outside of the clinic.
  • Portable TENS/EMS units. These are electro-stim therapies that you can apply yourself at home, work, or on the go.
  • Decompression devices that can be mounted on doors so you can continue to recover and improve on your own.


We offer customized orthotics through Foot Levelers as part of chiropractic and physical therapy services in Tulsa. These inserts slip into your shoes to help with loss of arches and can be very useful in resolving plantar fasciitis and other foot/ankle issues. We use a special machine to scan your feet. The machine analyzes your arches and compares them to normal healthy feet. Our Chiropractor will then review your results with you and make recommendations if he thinks that you need orthotics. The results of the scan are sent to Foot Levelers’ facility where your orthotics are custom-made then shipped to our clinic. When your inserts arrive, you will be fitted by our doctor and be given directions for their use. You can also elect to purchase a new pair of orthotic shoes along with the inserts if you are interested. Our manufacturer offers a wide variety of high quality kicks with the orthotics already placed inside, but you can take them out and wear them in other shoes if you so wish. We can also order you custom sandals with the orthotics already built-in.


Our Chiropractor can special order a wide variety of braces. The most common are lumbar support braces, knee braces, and wrist braces. These are useful in a variety of situations such as low back pain, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, and acute injuries. Of course, simple braces can be purchased at your local drug store or other retailer and this is usually our recommendation when such braces will do the job.


Our Tulsa Chiropractor also offers kinesio taping. This tape is designed to offer support and facilitates proper mechanics for injury cases and a variety of other conditions. K-tape is stretchy tape that goes over the skin and lasts for days. You can even wear it in the shower.

Supportive Equipment

Our Chiropractor offers a variety of other special order equipment & supplies in our Tulsa office such as pillows and supports. These are designed to achieve better ergonomics when sleeping, working or even driving. Again, we only order these items upon request. Otherwise we can direct you to resources where you can purchase them yourself.