Rehab Exercises for Pain
Rehabilitative Exercise List

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Congratulations for taking an interest in bettering your health with rehabilitative exercises. Please use this index to find the specific exercises prescribed to you in the clinic.

The index is arranged by type and body region. Your rehab exercise list will have been sent to your email on file. Technique is very important and you should rely on the instructions and cues taught in person during care and then refer to this page as a reminder at home.

Exercise Index

Guidelines for Rehab

Correct Lifting Rehab

Motor Control Exercises

Scoliosis Rehab (NMR)

Neck Rehab                          Range of Motion     Stretches     Strengthening

Back Rehab                          Range of Motion     Stretches     Strengthening

Hip Rehab                             Range of Motion     Stretches     Strengthening

Knee Rehab                          Range of Motion     Stretches     Strengthening

Ankle Rehab                         Range of Motion     Stretches     Strengthening

Shoulder Rehab                  Range of Motion     Stretches     Strengthening

Wrist & Elbow Rehab        Range of Motion     Stretches     Strengthening

Breathing Techniques