Lifestyle Advice

Reasons Behind Pain & Our Approach

In regards to health & wellness you have probably heard the phrase “You are what you eat”, but it is more than that… You are what you do! It is true that some of our patients have an acute injury such as a car accident or a sports injury. However, most of our patients have habits that predispose them to injury, prevent them from recovering, or cause direct repetitive damage generating symptoms. A lack of beneficial exercise & nutrition combined with stress and bad work habits is a recipe for disaster. This is why we offer lifestyle advice as part of your care.

Consider an auto mechanic. Bending over the hood, crawling into awkward spaces, working in uncomfortable positions. What about a teacher that constantly looks down or bends over to interact with children. What about the person who has spent the past several years working at a computer sitting in not-so-great posture? Their joints and muscles have changed to accommodate their daily activities. Their spines change shape, muscles become tense or weak (sometimes both), and they don’t move right or position right. This is what we call “bad biomechanics”, and it adds up over the years. It makes you prone to injury, prevents you from recovering, and generally causes a lot of stress on your body. This is typically the root source of pain. 

Honestly, it is impossible to completely eliminate all the bad that you might do to your body daily. Even living in a bubble and being completely sedentary is not good for you. These stresses are just part of life. However, we can reduce the wear and tear. We can advise you how to modify your bad habits and give you things to do on your own to help you heal. 

Life is a balance. On one side are all the things you do that are bad for your body which generate pain & dysfunction. On the other side are the things that are good for you which promote health, healing, and functionality. We are simply trying to tip the scales by removing some of the bad and adding good. If we are successful, instead of getting worse, you should get better.

This is the reason that we feel it is so important to look a little closer at your day to day life. The wholistic approach of our Chiropractor addresses you as an individual in total. Therefore, as part of your experience at our Tulsa clinic, we often do more detective work to try and figure out what may be causing your issues and help you to find solutions. Maybe it is postural advice. Maybe it’s training proper lifting habits. Maybe it’s exploring your ergonomics at work. Maybe it’s your technique at the gym. If we can create change for the better, your quality of life will benefit greatly.