Lipo Injections: Weight Loss

Lipo Singles $35 each | Lipo 10-pack $25 each

Let’s talk weight loss Tusla!

If diet and exercise alone do not seem to be working, the answer could be lipo-injections. These injections contain powerful nutrients that boost metabolism aiding in weight loss.

Amino Acids

The amino acids Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and L-Carnitine are involved in the mobilization and transportation of stored fats in the body.  The first three amino acids, MIC as we call the mixture, are the amino acids required to take fat out of stores (including the liver) and carries them through the blood stream to be utilized by the cells of the body. L-Carnitine is actually the protein your body needs to transport energy molecules into the mitochondria which is the energy production center of the cell. The amino acids help boost metabolism by moving fat to the right place resulting in weight loss.

B Vitamins

Most of us know that B vitamins help with energy and boost metabolism, but don’t know how. In a nutshell, the B vitamins are used inside the mitochondria to break apart energy molecules in order to produce ATP- the energy currency of the body.  Each B vitamin plays a roll in the stepwise processing of a molecule of fat or glucose generating highly charged molecules that are used to drive the production of ATP. Without ATP, your cells would not have the energy it needs to function. Whether the cell is a nerve, muscle, liver, or any other type, it needs energy to do what it does. If you don’t have ATP, you tend to feel weak, slow, groggy, foggy and hungry. Boost metabolism by cranking the wheels of energy production inside your cells. The less tired and hungry you are, the better you will achieve your weight loss goals.


In short, these essential nutrients boost metabolism by taking fat out of storage, delivering it to the cells mitochondria, and speeding up the energy production in the mitochondria. This can accelerate weight loss, improve energy & mood, stave off cravings and have many other health benefits like supporting healthy liver, blood flow, muscle recovery, libido, and brain function. 

Improve weight loss and boost your metabolism with these very affordable injections. Call us today for more info or to get started right away.