Rehab and Physical Therapy

Rehab and physical therapy at Reactivate Chiropractic and Rehab in Tulsa

What Is Rehab?

Essentially, Rehab and Physical Therapy are stretches and exercises. Reactivate Chiropractic and Rehab offers individualized programs that are taught in the clinic for you to repeat at home. We keep it low tech enough that you won’t have to buy any expensive machinery to do these maneuvers on your own. This not only accelerates your progress in the clinic, but gives you useful tools putting more control in your hands to heal yourself.

What Does Rehab Do For You?

Rehab is all about getting the muscles of your body to “act right” again. As we endure injury, wear & tear, bad posture, and bad habits, our muscles become tight and dysfunctional. They become unbalanced with one group usually overactive and the opposite group underactive. The firing pattern of the muscles changes. The resting tension, length, and position of the muscles change. This leads to bad joint mechanics, overuse injury, poor posture, arthritis, weakness, and pain. The solution is to retrain those muscles through specific stretches and exercises with the goal of normalizing muscle function, joint mechanics, and postural positioning.

What Is Progressive Personalized Exercise?

Our rehab programs are personalized to your specific problem. They are also progressive. That means we start light and build as your body can handle it. Our Chiropractor constantly advances your care according to your needs creating change for the better over time. We typically move through phases of rehab starting with range of motion exercises, then go to targeted stretching, then move onto strength and coordination. 

  •  ROM- gentle movements through planes of motion to improve pain-free range of joints.
  •  Stretch- targeted lengthening of muscle groups that are contracted and limit flexibility.
  •  Strength & Coordination-Balancing muscle tone and retraining movement patterns to stabilize joints and influence proper mechanics.

Not only do we move through these three phases, but each individual phase also progresses becoming more complexed and challenging as we train your body to move right again. This progressive approach takes you from point A to Z in controlled and tolerable steps. The combination of rehab with other treatments is a synergistic and wholistic approach to recovery that is more effective than simple joint manipulation. If you are looking for rehab and physical therapy in Tulsa, stop and give us a call today.