What to Expect: Chiropractic Exam

The New Patient Visit

We understand that going to a new Chiropractor can feel like a chore. That’s why we strive to make your Chiropractic exam experience as pleasant and simple as possible. You will be greeted warmly and guided through the process of your first visit with us here in South Tulsa.

Intake Process

During your first visit to Reactivate Chiropractic & Rehab in South Tulsa we will ask you for any insurance information so that we can verify your benefits. Next you will be given some forms to complete addressing your current complaint(s) and medical history. This is necessary for our Chiropractor to produce an accurate diagnosis and make sure that you are in the right place. We will also give you some consent forms explaining our policies and asking your permission for our Chiropractor to examine and treat.

History & Exam

At your Chiropractic exam, Our first order of business is to make sure that your problem can be safely treated by our Chiropractor. We will take your vitals and our Chiropractor will perform a thorough history and exam to rule out the suspicion of conditions requiring emergency medical attention like fracture, stroke, or organic pathology. If our Chiropractor suspects that your complaint is not a Chiropractic issue, he will make recommendations for further testing or refer you out to another facility in or around Tulsa. We put your needs first, so It is our responsibility to get you to the right place for the right care.

During the history portion, our Chiropractor will ask you several questions pertaining to your complaint. This includes information such as: exact location of any pain or discomfort, severity and quality of your pain or discomfort, associated symptoms, how your problem began, and other important details. 

Next, our Chiropractor will begin the physical Chiropractic exam. He will evaluate the area(s) related to your complaints using the clues from your history. This includes checking certain organs that may be producing your complaints (some organ pathology can manifest as back or shoulder pain). If your complaints seem to be related to nerve dysfunction (for instance if you have numbness), then our Chiropractor may also perform a neurological exam. The Chiropractor will also perform physical tests that help to uncover which tissues may be producing your pain like bone, joint, disc, nerve, muscle, tendon, or ligament.

After our Chiropractor is confident that your issue is musculoskeletal in nature and does not require referral, he will begin to look at your body from a functional perspective. He will assess your posture, your movement, your muscle tone and balance looking for any mechanical abnormalities that might explain your pain. When the Chiropractor is satisfied that he understands what is causing your issue, he will make a diagnosis. At this point accurate treatment can be recommended based on the diagnosis from your Chiropractic exam.


If the condition can be safely treated in the office that day, you may be offered some treatment immediately after your Chiropractic exam. Some typical treatments offered the day of the exam are: ice/heat, electric-muscle-stimulation (EMS), therapeutic ultrasound, joint & soft tissue manipulation, massage, and stretching by our Chiropractor . Click here to see more about potential treatments and therapies offered by our South Tulsa Chiropractor.


After you have your Chiropractic exam and treatment by our Chiropractor, you will be accompanied back to the front desk where you will be checked out. Your options for payment will be given to you, including your insurance coverage (if available), and we will take payment for the visit. Next, we will schedule you for any necessary follow-up appointment. The majority of our Tulsa patient’s leave their first day feeling some improvement and have a good idea of what’s causing their issue.

Report of Findings (ROF)

During your second visit, our Doctor will explain to you his findings from the Chiropractic exam. This is a time that we will set aside for you and the Chiropractor to speak about your diagnosis, treatment options, and questions that you may have. After the doctor has answered your questions, the front desk will explain any insurance coverage, estimate your costs, and give you payment options for care. There is no cost for the ROF to our patients, as it is already included in the price of the exam. Usually, we can also offer to begin your treatment plan the same day as your ROF at our South Tulsa location.