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Earning his Doctor of Chiropractic and graduating with honors in 2012, Dr. Fields took up employment in different facilities for several years. He found himself unsatisfied with the cookie-cutter, high-volume type facilities in Tulsa. He wanted to offer his Tulsa patients truly individualized care utilizing the right combination of therapies: not just a quick 5-minute adjustment. The result was a clinic where he was finally able to take the time he needed with patients to do the types of therapies that he knew would produce the amazing and long lasting results his patients wanted.  

Reactivate Therapy is here to help offering a variety of customized treatment options that focuses on you and your goals. The name truly identifies what we are trying to achieve: Get patients back to an active state. From Athletic Performance to Zoo Trips with the kids; work or play, you need your body to function properly to live a quality life. 

Tulsa Chiropractor, Dr. Fields, employs a variety hands on therapies like soft tissue scraping, targeted manual stretches, and joint manipulations to restore normal function and mobility. He takes the time to understand your issues and not only coaches you on how to avoid worsening your condition, but also customizes progressive rehab programs that can be performed at home in order to retrain your body to work properly again. He utilizes state of the art machines to help reduce pain, muscle spasm and inflammation. He offers nutritional therapy such as supplements, vitamin injections, and IV therapy to get you the nutrients you need to de-flame and heal fast. He performs injections to treat problems in joints and muscles. He also brought a medical massage therapist on board who targets dysfunctional soft tissue causing your pain. Everything in the clinic is tailored to your specific needs!  

We accept insurance and offer deep discounts for patients who have no insurance. Personal injury and motor vehicle accident cases are welcome and we can postpone payment until you have settled your case. Whether it’s getting you back on the job, yard work, sports, or just playing with the kids, we can help!

Our Mission

You come first Tulsa! 

Our Tulsa Chiropractor is here to help you achieve your goals. Your needs come before ours, and you will always feel first. We take the time to understand your issues and address them individually. We strive to make recovery as quick and efficient as possible so you can get back to your life!

We stay true to you Tulsa! 

Honestly, honesty is the best policy. We will always be honest and straight forward with advice you can trust from reliable sources.  Our commitment to you is to get you the right care, even if that isn’t with us. 

We strive to make care with our Tulsa Chiropractor affordable and flexible

Everybody deserves great care, no matter what your circumstances. We understand that sometimes life seems to happen all at once. From personal injury and motor vehicle accidents, to health insurance and even self-pay/cash, we can find a way to make it work and keep care within your budget.

How We Do It

 You come first Tulsa! 

We block our schedules for longer time slots to give you more attention and address your needs. We offer more options customized to your needs that changes according to your goals, your progress, and what you want to achieve. We keep treatment plans short and add more only if necessary.

 We stay true to you Tulsa!  

We are evidence-based. Our advice comes from scientific literature and clinical experience, not philosophy or dogma. We have a strong referral network to get you to the right place. If we can’t help, we will get you to someone who can. 

 We strive to make care with our Tulsa Chiropractor affordable and flexible.  

We accept payment from all medical insurance plans and are In-Network with most. No insurance, no problem. We offer great self-pay discounts. Injured in a car wreck, don’t worry. We can postpone payment until your settlement. Strapped for cash? We can do payment plans within your budget.

Tulsa Chiropractor Adjustment


Hands on manipulation of joints and soft tissue, passive stretching, and pain/trigger point injections.

Tulsa Rehab Chiropractor


Progressive stretches & stretches. Retrain your body to improve  mechanics, performance, and pain.

Tulsa Massage Therapy


Medical LMT performs a variety of massages: Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and more.

Tulsa Nutrition Therapy


IV therapy, Vitamin shots, supplements and dietary advise to improve overall health.




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