Medical Massage Services and Pricing

Licensed Medical Massage Therapist (LMMT)

Medical massage therapy is provided by our Licensed Massage Therapist who has obtained his medical certification. Tulsa, are you ready for the best massage of your life. This is not your typical massage you may get from other places. Our massage therapist targets specific muscle fibers with advanced methods. He is familiar with numerous medical diagnoses and how soft tissue dysfunction relates to those diagnoses which makes communication with our Chiropractor about your condition very easy. In short, he knows what to do and where. 

Our LMMT works quite a bit on personal injury and motor vehicle accident cases. He also specializes in deep tissue massage, sports massage, and prenatal massage. And, if you’re just looking to release some tension from normal daily wear and tear, he knows how to find those tricky spots and work them to get you up and going again. 

If you are wanting massage on a regular basis and enjoy a good discount, we offer a no-commitment massage membership. Honestly, there are no catches. You are not “on the hook”. Take advantage of significant savings when you sign up for one or more massages monthly. Simply tell us if you want to cancel or switch plans and those changes are effective immediately. There is no better deal around.

Intro Massage Prices (1st massage only)

30 Min…………………$29

60 Min…………………$49

90 Min…………………$69

Standard Massage Prices

30 Min……………….$45

60 Min……………….$85

90 Min……………….$125

Hot Stone………….$125

Membership Massage Prices

1 Hr/Month……………….$65



*Medical Massage Appointments must be scheduled in advance, but same day appointments are usually available. A credit card is needed reserve your spot. Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid cancelation fee. Cancelation fees are $40/hr of appointment time scheduled.

Massage Descriptions

Targeted Massage

30-90 Minutes

Medium to heavy pressure massage that is targeted to specific areas associated with specific complaints. This type of medical massage includes trigger point work, myofascial release, and other techniques designed to restore proper function to muscles and other soft tissue. Therapeutic massage is goal oriented. We are looking to create changes such as improvement in pain levels, joint mobility, posture, and muscle tone. 

Swedish Massage

30-90 Minutes

Light to medium pressure whole body massage. Soothing and relaxing medical massage designed to stimulate blood and lymph flow, flush the circulatory system, release tight muscles, and relieve pain. This is your classic “feel good” massage. Swedish massage gradually warms up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gently breaks up knots and adhesions. Swedish massage will calm your nervous system, help to detoxify your blood, reduce anxiety & tension, and promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Prenatal Massage

30-90 Minutes

Light to medium pressure prenatal medical massage. This is the best massage to specifically address issues associated with pregnancy. Tension created by carrying the extra weight of a baby can be taxing. Fatigue, headaches, backaches, leg cramps and swelling can all be improved through massage. The ordinary aches and pains of pregnancy are countered by the release of serotonin, your body’s natural anti-pain chemical. Serotonin production is stimulated by massage and can also help you get a better night’s sleep. Maintaining optimal levels of stress relief through massage is a great way to optimize health during pregnancy. Massage stimulates blood and lymph flow which provides more nutrients and sweeps away metabolic waste. This is beneficial for mother and baby.

Deep Tissue Massage

30-90 Minutes

Heavy pressure targeting deeper tissues. Deep tissue method is the best massage choice for chronic muscle pain. The goal of this type of medical massage is not relaxation and is not superficial, but instead creates changes in muscle tension and functionality in deep underlying tissues. This massage is for patients that require a substantial amount of pressure. Be warned, this is a lot of work and is not for the weak of heart.

Sports Massage

30-90 Minutes

Heavy pressure active and passive massage. This type of medical massage is designed for athletes who have specific problems that require deeper massage targeting specific sports-oriented issues. Massage is performed in combination with active and passive movements by the patient in order to achieve release of specific muscle groups. This is the best massage for any patient suffering from sports injury or tightness and dysfunction resulting from their activities or simply looking to improve their game. If you are participating in an upcoming athletic event or just got done with an event, this massage is for you.

Hot Stone Massage

70 Minutes

Swedish Style Massage using warm stones to help direct blood flow and relax muscles. The use of these special natural volcanic stones that are rich in certain minerals enhance the effects of the massage. Stones are placed along key points of the body. This stimulates faster blood flow in a specific pattern and increases the release of toxins. Truly a relaxing and detoxifying experience! This is the best massage for anxiety expertly performed by our medical massage therapist right her in Tulsa.

Massage Membership

No Obligation. Cancel or change plans at any time!

We offer incredibly flexible Massage Memberships. These memberships allow you to receive massage regularly for a significant discount. Select from within your time allowances. Want a different massage, no problem! Upgrade your massage for the difference in value of the desired massage while still receiving your discount. Want to add additional services, time, or visits. No problem, you get your discounted rate! You can choose to have a massage once or several times per month. The membership you have determines the hourly rate. The more massages, the lower the rate. Signing up is easy. We simply select your plan and charge a monthly recurring payment to your credit card. This agreement can be cancelled or changed any time you want. Please just tell us before the 1st of the month as this is when the charge occurs. Can’t make your appointment, no problem! You can make up massages from the past month. Want to give away a massage, no problem! Feel free to gift your massage(s) to friends/family. We have 3 plans so you can select the plan that best fits you. One hour a month is only $65/hr. Two hours a month is only $60/hr. Four hours a month is just $55/hr. It’s hands down the most versatile month to month massage membership around.