Success Stories

I cannot even begin to say how amazing Dr. Fields and his staff are. I came into treatment with severe pain and limited mobility and at my recent reevaluation the pain has gone to zero and the range of motion has greatly improved. The amount of time that they invest in you is incredible. Their kindness makes the experience exceed that of other health care professionals and I highly recommend going to them for all chiropractic concerns.

Anila Horner

I would give 10+ stars if I could. First, The staff was welcoming and helpful when I was in a pain crisis-was just in Tulsa for the weekend and did not know where to turn for help. Dr Fields spent an enormous amount of time with me-talking me through every step of the process. He is a walking encyclopedia of expertise and knowledge. From being almost completely debilitated with pain, I went directly from the office to my scheduled events for the entire weekend. I can honestly say that by the end of the treatment, I was 100% improved. These events were very important to me to attend that weekend I and will forever be grateful to Dr Fields.

Rosemary Klungle

Dr. Fields and his staff are amazing. His approach to chiropractic care is exactly what I was looking for and what I needed. I have a condition that is tough to treat, but upon meeting me and examining me he came up with a plan of treatment and said “I think that I can help you.” Not only is his treatment more effective than the alternatives out there, it is more cost effective as well. They take their time with you. It is not rush in, rush out. He really makes sure that you get the care that you need. Go see him and his staff, especially if you have TMJ issues like I do.

Thad Horner

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