Muscle and Joint Injections for Pain Relief

Alternative Options for Pain and Inflammation!

Reactivate Chiropractic & Rehab in Tulsa is proud to offer safe, effective, and affordable alternative medicine options for muscle & joint pain. These injections for pain contain medicines from Heel that can be used more frequently than their traditional medical counterparts. The remedies themselves have no observed or known side effects according to the manufacturer- besides very rare allergic reactions of course. Simply checking your list of allergies will let us know if these are a safe option. These alternatives are great for injury such as from an auto accident or sports injury, and very effective for arthritis and inflammation.

Traditional medical approaches to pain and inflammation include steroid, NSAID, and Nerve block agents. These options typically become less effective over time, their effects are temporary, and/or carry a significant risk of adverse effects. Long term use of steroid injections has been associated with more advanced deterioration of joints as compared to control groups. Long term use of NSAIDs can have deleterious effects on the GI tract, kidneys, and liver. Nerve blocks can carry risks including rash, itching, elevated blood sugar, nerve damage and paralysis.


Muscle Trigger Point Injections

Myofascial trigger points are localized areas of muscle dysfunction. They typically develop after acute injury or chronic overload. These areas are commonly called “knots” and can be palpated as local tender points that when compressed will radiate pain to other areas. It is common to dry needle these areas (like in acupuncture), but trigger point injections with nutrients and/or medications into the area can be more effective in stimulating healing and normalizing local muscle function. We tend to use either a simple B12 injection, Spascupreel, or Traumeel precisely into the center of the trigger point.

Joint Injections

Joint tissue damage can render you with limited range of motion and quite a bit of muscle & joint pain. Traumeel and Zeel injections for pain relief are a great option. Not only are they safe and effective, but they are cost efficient and have an accumulative effect. In other words, unlike traditional medicines that tend to diminish in effect with repeated use, these remedy’s effects tend to build with each injection. Traumeel is used for more acute damage such as that occurs in personal injury and sports injury. Zeel is more effective for cases of chronic joint degeneration such as arthritis and bursitis (very popular for shoulder problems).


Prices vary: usually $40 per injection


A homeopathic preparation composed of natural botanical and mineral extracts. This remedy is intended for cases of acute damage or soft tissue trauma such as occurs in motor vehicle accidents or personal injury cases. The medicine works to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. Click here and here to check out a couple of studies comparing Traumeel to alternatives like NSAIDs and Steroid injections.


A homeopathic preparation composed of natural botanical and mineral extracts. This remedy is intended to treat more chronic conditions especially arthritic joints, quite effective in bursitis of the shoulder, and arthritis of the spine or sacroiliac joints. This medicine works to reduce inflammation and prevent/reverse degenerative damage. Check the study here.


A homeopathic/naturopathic remedy of plant extracts designed to reduce muscle contractions and spasms. Great for trigger points, knots, tight muscles, TMJ Syndrome, colic, IBS, and even menstrual cramps. Check out this study on colic. Click here to check out the study on IBS. For more indications and uses, visit here.


Can be used for neuralgia, rheumatism of the soft tissues, arthritic conditions and intervertebral disc conditions. We typically use these injections in cases of nerve pain or autoimmune conditions.

Discus Compositum

For afflictions of the joints and connective tissue; neuralgic/rheumatic disorders in the region of the vertebral column; discogenic disease with and without radicular symptoms or scitaica; and osteochondrosis aka Scheuermann’s disease.


A natural homeopathic medicine from the Heel line of products intended for the treatment of pain to include headaches. Contains natural plant extracts for current and recurrent headaches, congestive headaches, and headache with light-headedness.

Vitamin B12

The familiar B vitamin involved in metabolism can be an effective medicine in trigger point injections. Not only does the physical action of the needle help to release these trigger points, but because of vitamin B12’s role in muscle metabolism, it can help to normalize the tissue function in the contracted fibers.