Therapeutic Modalities

Machines that Heal

Physiotherapy is the term used for additional passive therapies that assist with your recovery. These machines can make it easier to work on you and generally speed up your improvement. They have a variety of benefits as described below.

Intersegmental traction (roller table) 

This device is a table that you lay on with mechanical rollers that help to mobilize the individual segments of the spine and release muscle tension. It is something like a rhythmic massage. It’s very relaxing and we often find patients asleep by the time they are finished.

Mechanical Traction

Our traction table gently pulls on your spine and/or limbs to take pressure off of joints, discs, and pinched nerves. Traction also helps to stretch spasmed muscles in the targeted area and improves mobility of the spine, hip, knee, or shoulder.  The table utilizes harnesses that strap around your body or a device that gently cradles the neck depending on the targeted area. A tensioner is then connected and we slowly increase the tension to your comfort level. The machine then pulls and releases slowly & rhythmically unloading the spine giving you much needed relief. There are also optional rollers, heat, and vibration in this table to gently massage, warm, and mobilize as we traction.


This machine is much like mechanical traction, but more specific and much more powerful. The machine has a computerized tensioner that can be programmed to pull in steps and is customized to your parameters. Both neck and back can be pulled to relieve tension, decompress discs, take pressure off of nerves, and unload the joints of the spine. 

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrotherapy that uses a gentle electrical current targeted to a specific area to decrease muscle tension, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, or activate weakened muscles. There are a variety of different settings depending on what we are trying to achieve.  This is like a TENs unit on steroids.


Therapeutic ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves to gently vibrate the tissues which improves blood flow, softens tissues, reduces pain, and promotes healing. We often use ultrasound and electricity at the same time to get the benefits of both modalities. When we use both, we call it COMBO.


Our hydromassage table uses water jets to massage achy muscles giving much needed relief. We simply lay you face up on the bed (much like a water bed) and allow the action of the table to knead away at tightness and tension.